A backup is a copy of a site that is kept on a separate web server and could be restored if something goes wrong with the live website - a defeated script update, an unintended deletion of a file or of the whole database, etcetera. Restoring the website the way it was shall eliminate or decrease the damage the issue may have caused, which is by all means a better alternative than having to reconstruct your whole Internet site from scratch. While you may download a copy of your content on your laptop or computer, keeping a backup is a feature that the majority of website hosting companies incorporate as part of their plans. You'll have to take a look at how frequently they do that, though, because some service providers create a backup once every week, which might be far from enough for a booking site or an e-commerce portal where the information is updated every single day. You should also see how quick and easy a backup may be restored, which could be vital if some issue appears on your Internet site.

Daily Data Back-up in Shared Website Hosting

All files and databases hosted within a shared website hosting account on our cloud platform are copied regularly, so regardless of what happens with your site, we'll have a copy of your content and we will be able to restore it very fast. We've surpassed what other companies may offer in this regard, because our system produces a file backup at least four times a day. If you would like any content to be restored, you need to get in touch with our tech support via a trouble ticket and they shall do what's necessary inside the hour, restoring the content from the date you want. However, you can also look at the backups using your Hepsia CP. They shall be listed in the File Manager section and sorted by date and time. Restoring a site is as easy as copying the files from the backup folder to the live domain folder, so even in case you have no practical knowledge, you'll not have any problems.

Daily Data Back-up in Semi-dedicated Servers

You won't ever have to worry about your website content if you order a semi-dedicated server from our company, since our system creates regular backups of everything which you upload or set up inside the account. Furthermore, this happens no less than 4 times every day, so the worst which can happen will be for your site to look the way it did some hours earlier. That is significantly better compared with what other companies typically offer where you could practically lose days or even weeks of work. The backups are available as browsable folders inside the File Manager section of the hosting Control Panel, so you could just copy the content to the actual domain folder and you shall be good to go. You may also get in touch with us via a support ticket and request a backup to be restored, although you can perform that yourself without any problem via the intuitive and user-friendly Hepsia CP.